The Most Passionate Activities of Fun

With simple activities that everyone can join, you can ask your family to give up the sofa to breathe fresh air without doing too much. Here are some fun and practical tips to encourage your family to enjoy outdoor activities.

Have a fun picnic

  • A picnic is a great way to spend time with your family on a sunny day.
  • A picnic lunch or stopover in a takeaway establishment, a small meeting can do wonders to strengthen the bonds between family members.
  • Choose a public park, beach, island, or river-side property for more fun than you would at a theater or mall.
  • Some families choose to go beyond a simple picnic with a meal prepared in advance that can then be cooked over a campfire, once there.
  • Camping or an outdoor night can also do wonders for a family reunion.

Make the tourist in your own city

As simple as it may seem, historic monuments in your community can be an extremely easy way to keep family members busy and learn more about where you live.

The tourist attractions in your neighborhood, as well as visiting a museum or monument in the community, are not necessarily expensive.

To locate historical attractions in your area, do not hesitate to contact your Chamber of Commerce on the pretext of being a tourist looking for activities or attractions in the area. Oldest tombstones, buildings or monuments in your area, it is often fascinating to discover the story of where you live. For the outdoor fun activities there is room also.

Go in search of “treasures” at garage sales

Whether you are attending a garage sale or organizing your own, it will teach your children the value of money.

If you are going into a sale, set a budget for each family member and see what they can buy for that amount.

If you are organizing your own event, ask the children to give change in sales transactions (without forgetting to monitor them naturally) to help them practice their mathematical knowledge.

These are just a few ideas that can be implemented to help your family get together outdoors. Feel free to think creatively and consider other opportunities for family excursions to strengthen relationships with each other.

Even if we forget it sometimes while growing up, the world is a playground. All the children know it. But, to go on an adventure in your garden, in a yard or in a play park, it is also, sometimes, destination danger.

To avoid the sores if the child plays in a confined space, the first thing to do is to put away all the objects that can represent a source of danger. Rakes, hoes, hedge trimmers and other pruners should be relegated to a garden shed such as chemicals (fertilizer, herbicide, etc.).

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